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Radiant Floor Heating

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  • Well over 15,000 systems installed
  • Flexible System Design - specifically engineered for your particular application
  • Single Source Responsibility - complete system supplier with design and technical support
  • 25 Year Warranty - the strongest rated warranty in the industry
The Thaw·Pak total pre-engineered system includes the heating source, heat distribution equipment and system engineering along with our professional technical support and advice throughout the process to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

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Radiant Floor Heat can be installed in many types of floors including:

  • Under lightweight concrete over wood sub-floors 
  • Under wood floors 
  • Under wood over wood sub-floors 
  • Within concrete slabs 
  • Can be used with most types of floor covering and hot water heat sources.
Performance Engineering Group provides Radiant and Alternative Energy Solutions
that meet your needs!

We have been successfully integrating radiant systems into commercial, retail, industrial and residential environments since 1964.  We back our products 100% by providing unmatched engineering expertise, project specific customized design, complete system drawings, all parts and components necessary for installation and full technical support after the sale.  Our experts can integrate radiant heating systems with renewable energy sources such as solar thermal and geothermal.  We take pride in being able to customize our process to the needs and considerations of our clients, be they building owners, homeowners, architects, contractors or developers.

Integrated Solutions
Radiant heating and alternative energy are a natural compliment to each other.  We have the experience and expertise to design and implement your integrated comfort system.

  • Radiant heating
  • Solar-thermal
  • Geo-thermal

Radiant Heat
Radiant floor heating can be extremely cost-effective and comfortable.  Hot water radiant floor heating, or hydronic systems, are the most cost-effective systems for homes or buildings in heating-dominated climates. Hydronic systems heat water in a boiler and pump the heated water through tubing underneath floors. Most find radiant floor heat to be one of the most comfortable types of heating, because heat is evenly distributed from the floor, warming up the feet and body first. The benefits to radiant floor heating are numerous and include increased levels of comfort due to the silent operation of the system. Radiant floor heat eliminates drafts and dust problems associated with forced air systems. Additionally, radiant floor systems (radiant floor heat or under floor heating) are invisible.

Geothermal systems are now being used with sustainable building. Geothermal heating systems use stored heat from the earth's crust in conjunction with heat pump technology to move and amplify heat instead of making heat.  Geothermal systems are available in forced air or hydronic units, making them quite versatile for use in a radiant floor heating system.  Radiant is becoming more popular because it is more efficient as a delivery method when compared to forced air and is more comfortable.  If you are heating a room with forced air there is generally not a consistent temperature in that room and with geothermal heating the air being forced is not as warm as traditional forced air.  If you are using geothermal heating you will be more comfortable using it with radiant heating.  A geothermal system can save 50-75% of the heating bill per year.  There are several different ways to put radiant heating into the floor and all are generally compatible with a geothermal system.

With radiant heat, you feel comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, so your heating bills will be lower…a major plus! Radiant Floor Heating offers Temperature Zone Controls which can reduce the amount of heat flowing to unused rooms.